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A few days ago was the Birthday of a professional acquaintance of mine who is currently posted in the Middle East. I wanted to send him an e-card and started browsing the net. Due to the nature of our relationship, I was quite careful in my search. I didn’t want anything too cute or too crude (had this been for one of my friends, I would have most likely gone for crude, as the regular readers of this blog might have guessed).

In a hope to find a card without kittens (harder than it may sound) I chose a sub-category of the Birthday cards, called “for men”. How naïve of me. No kittens, but pussy galore, if you’ll pardon my French. If the cards were not beer themed, they were all about Strip-O-Grams, boobs or sex.

I don’t have to tell you that I didn’t send him one of those cards. Hmmm…on second thought, perhaps I do: I did not send a cleavage-card to my male colleague in the Middle East.

However, my findings made me curious to see what was in store for the daredevil who goes to browse the “for women” section. Yes, I’m a bit of a daredevil myself, so with a quivering index finger I boldly clicked the link. What did I find: Male Strip-O-Grams? Fit firemen in the buff, pointing the hose? Sex? Of course not! Women apparently much prefer “naughty” cards about eating forbidden cake or pretending to still be 29. And, of course, actual kittens.

Bless Australian Ian for just putting out a bushfire. I wonder if he also caused it.

So it would seem that the stereotypes live on: Men are interested in sex, women are not. What a miracle it is that this species has survived for as long as it has. And what a mystery, that a raunchy novel targeting women has sold gazillions of copies lately.

I’m not saying that I want a hot fireman e-card for my birthday. And I’m not saying that I don’t. But please don’t send me one of 29 year-old kittens eating cupcakes. I couldn’t bear it.