Hi there,

I’m Christina, and I used to have a reason to blog.

Well, not a really good reason like those who blog about the Arab Spring or organic clothes for kids. But spending two years in Budapest with my family from 2009-2011 put me in enough awkward situations to justify sharing the humiliation with friends, family and anyone else in need of a cheap laugh at someone else’s expense. If you have that need and are able to read in Danish, go visit Budapest eller Kolera. Lots of important info on killer whales in swimmingpools, buying a BBQ from Mr. Belt Buckle 2008 and suchlike.

It is now 18 months since our return and I have no reason and even less time to write. But I really want to. Hence this pointless blog. And its Danish cousin Stakit, kasket, stafet.

I am Danish and live in Copenhagen, Denmark, with my husband and our two young boys. I work for an international organization. No point in writing anymore about myself here, as I fear you will get much more information than you ever wanted if you read the blog.


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